Pregnancy + Postpartum Doula

Pregnancy + Postpartum Doula

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Please be aware this is a VIRTUAL service. I am not accepting any IN PERSON services for the rest of the year until December 2022.

This option works well for moms who will be delivering at a birthing center or with a midwife. Having access to me during your pregnancy and after the birth can be very beneficial emotionally, mentally and physically. It is especially helpful when you cannot reach your midwife or you want someone to readily answer your questions without having to wait for your midwife or OB to get back to you.

What this Package Includes:

  • Initial Counseling Session + Creation and Maintenance of Birth Plan 
  • 24/7 Access to me via text, phone, or facetime from point of payment up until the delivery then immediately after the delivery to 1+ year(s). Quite often moms need guidance when deciding if they want to take the traditional or holistic route, that is where I come in. (Even though it says 1+ year(s), all my moms still contact me here and there and I welcome it. We are officially family!)
  • Copy of my Don't Be Afraid,.Pregnancy eBook; Q&A sessions included upon request.
  • Please be aware I will NOT be available virtually during your delivery if you purchase this package. Nevertheless, I will make sure to prepare you mentally and physically so that you can successfully navigate the labor process no matter what setting you're delivering in.
  • Mental Health Check In's Throughout Entire Pregnancy
  • Postpartum Education Session (After the delivery): 
    • I will assess how parent(s) are adjusting to life with baby,
    • Address any issues that mom(s)/dad(s) may be having/ answer any questions,
    • Assist with breastfeeding/pumping troubleshooting
    • We will also discuss your options for pediatricians and how to prepare mentally for the first couple of visits.
    • Judgment free question and answer session which may include questions one wouldn't feel comfortable asking their OB or Pediatrician due to fear of being judged or misunderstood.

Please disregard timeframe of 1 hour, that is just for the initial session.