Postpartum Education Session

Postpartum Education Session

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This is a 1 hour session after the delivery if you did not receive doula services from me.

I will assess how parent(s) are adjusting to life with baby, address any issues that mom(s)/dad(s) may be having/ answer any questions, assist with breastfeeding/pumping troubleshooting, and a mental health check in.

We will also discuss your options for pediatricians and how to prepare mentally for the first couple of visits.

Why you and/or your partner needs this:

  • Adjusting to life with baby is a big transition that is smoother when you educate yourself on what to expect.
  • With my background in being a Postpartum RN and my personal experience as a Holistic Doula, I am able to give you insight from a medical and homeopathic standpoint.
  • Judgment free question and answer session which may include questions one wouldn't feel comfortable asking their OB or Pediatrician due to fear of being judged or misunderstood.

This is a virtual session.