How to Transition from an OB to a Midwife

How to Transition from an OB to a Midwife

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I was once in your shoes. 

Showing up to my OB appointments, Getting undressed, mind racing with questions and fears but can't put them into words, feeling cold and nervous. and now with COVID, a lot of you may feel alone.

Your OB comes in, does his/her assessment, asks if you have any questions, lets you know that everything looks good and they will see you at the next meeting. The end. 

The moment I sat for my first visit with my midwife there was a completely different ambiance in the room. She volunteered information without asking and yet it didn't feel overstepping. I felt heard, understood and most importantly like a human and not a product on a conveyor belt. 

If your OB has made you feel this way then I encourage you to take your pregnancy into your own hands and make the change now. Please do not feel bad for leaving their service, they will always have more patients, as for you , in all honesty you never know if this will be your only child. You deserve the experience you desire or at least a fair chance at it. 

Disclaimer: Not all midwives and OB's are the same. If any of them make you feel uncomfortable or unheard, CHANGE them. I always recommend shopping around. DO NOT SETTLE IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY. This can also be used for transitioning from a midwife to OB, if that is what you desire. 

I created this ebook to ease the transition, hope it helps! Please contact me if you have any questions or need clarification.

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